Bachelor and Language and Literature, contagious writer, teacher promoting the practice of writing and communicating, since its inception in the letters had the opportunity to publish their articles in major local newspapers: The newspaper Yucata n and Por Esto ; and in the cultural magazines of the locality: Navegaciones Zur and Camino Blanco.

During his years as a teacher at the Piaget Educational Center , he has had the satisfaction of seeing his students enjoy and develop in creative writing, as well as winning important national short story and poetry competitions. One of his great satisfactions is knowing that many of them decide to continue their studies in areas related to communication, art and language.

As an expert in writing and grammar, she has taken her courses for adults to institutions such as the Government of the State of Yucatán , the City of Mérida , the Secretariat of Public Education , the training team of the National Reading Program , among others.

He started as a blogger since 2005, but it was until 2009 that he combined this activity, with an important presence as a micro- writer in the Facebok and Twitter social networks , forming a community with enriching people both humanly and creatively.

He is currently studying writing and illustration in Barcelona.

Let’s go to Juglar!

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Written by Marco Cañizales in the electronic magazine of Costa Rica American Repertoire
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 09:43
Carmen MariaSeveral months ago I found a very funny Mexican page that motivates people to write and gives excellent recommendations on how to do it. Writing is not an easy task, but neither should it be a challenge that provokes repulsion at the difficulty of something that looks like a spell of extremely serious and intellectual beings. Let’s get to know this project and learn how to juggle.Before talking about the project, who are you, Carmen María? 
What a difficult question to juggle! In relation to my task, I define myself as the promoter of creative writing, or contagious writer; because with everything and that I studied the degree in Language and Literature, I do not lean for the analysis of texts nor the diffusion of literary works, but rather of the practice of the writing, therefore I have given workshops of literary creation since years to teenagers and adults. Of course, writing is my main activity, the one that gives me the most satisfaction.
Now, what is Difficult to Juggle and how is it conjugated?
Difficult to Juglar is a workshop of creative writing online, free. It is a project to reflect on the creation of texts, know the tricks and strategies of those who enjoy this activity and practice writing in community.How does the play system work and what is it about? 
It’s about playing with words. In my years of teaching I have realized that puns are excellent triggers of creativity. Do not get serious about the creative process. The seriousness gives way to an excess of criticality editor that makes experimentation difficult. Every week we publish an article about the experience of writing, one with practical tips or tricks and one more that we have called ejersucio, a creative exercise to play with the language and make the texts themselves.

When is the idea born and who develops it? 
It was born from starting to publish my micro stories on twitter together with Ikal Bamoa ( @latadelombrices ), and to start forming a community of cordial and encouraging micro- historians on the Internet. Ikal and I ( @otramaria ) discovered how we were encouraged to write in community and plan to do it more extensively, through an online workshop.

You are the teacher and promoter, but have you also learned? 
That’s what it is! Everything is to learn, from the process of writing the articles, to participate in the ejersucios, to answer the comments. I have also realized how much I still need to know and incorporate into my creative experience and that makes me happy, because the way is enjoyed, because there are always new challenges and much to experience.

Let’s see, an ejersucio: in 200 characters, make yourself a story that includes shoe, sky, cathedral, aquaman. 
An ejersucio, Good idea to provide words! There goes: The shoe was without sole one day, but not without comfort. Lying belly up, with a relief the size of the cathedral, he delved into his favorite dream: to be one of the fins of Acuamán, to finally lose the ground.

Ludic J. of AtarI think you created the first puppet writer I know, how did people respond to that on twitter? 

In an incredible way. Lúdico ( @dificildejuglar ) is on the way to having more followers than Ikal and I together. And it’s a wonder how people answer their questions related to their experiences with writing. Ikal and I affirm that Lúdico handles itself. The best thing of all is that it does not charge ground.

The hardest thing you’ve played? 
A game that consists of relating two words in a microfiche. We hung the ejersucio and we had to give examples. At that moment I could not think of anything, but something finally came out. Writing under pressure works, and it also helps that an ejersucio is that, a draft, an essay, not a definitive text, I can relax.

The most beautiful moment I have left you Difficult to Juggle? 
The most beautiful thing is when someone writes to us to say: This is what I had been looking for! It has happened several times and that confirms that we are responding to a need, that it is worth the effort.

Where is the page headed today? 
He has a lot to grow. We want to offer specialized courses in the medium term, also online, as well as a digital book with the compendium of ejersucios. But the most important thing is that we want Difficult to juggle become a reference, a resource for all those who write, both beginners and experienced.

What is your first advice to a novice writer? 
Let him be indulgent with himself, let him write “nonsense” that does not pay attention to critical voices in his head, and surround himself with encouraging people.

And for one that is already underway? 
The same! We are always “beginning to write” and the paths of experimentation never end. Another advice that would also give is not to lose the ability to “juglar”, the playful spirit of children, which allows us to enjoy what we do, laugh at ourselves and share to grow.

To know the page visit:


  • 02-23-2010 07:13 | | Luissiana Naranjo
    Very interesting the jugladera! A juglar!
  • 02-23-2010 10:22 | Virginia
    I’m happy with this new place we found with my friend Dolores. I tell you that we are both teachers, language teachers so we are delighted with certain games and practices that can be put into practice with our students since I am like the boys when it comes time to do homework if they are fun and like, how much better!
  • 02-23-2010 20:53 | | Zilniya – Literary Ecologism – I recommend it
    As a participant in, I can say that it is a recommendable and written-addictive page. ;)
  • 02-24-2010 05:31 | Alejandro – Excellent
    This great project of Camen María is growing daily with the dedication that she puts to him. All invited to follow her. Congratulations to Dificil de Juglar and especially to Carmen María, to whom I have the great pleasure and joy of knowing.
  • 02-24-2010 06:25 | Virginia
    I’m glad I found a space like this. Whenever I have a little time left, I go in and try to write more, not to hurry something to continue participating. It is a joy for me that these cybernetic workshops exist.
  • 02-24-2010 06:54 | | Anonymous
    What a wonderful discovery, without intellectualisms at the end, a more than intelligent page!